Caution! You are investing outside of AFM supervision. No licensing requirement for this activity.
Second home Bonaire
Second home Bonaire - Buy your second home on Bonaire


Like many other providers of recreational properties, Second home Bonaire is required to place a statement saying 'You are investing outside of AFM monitoring'. In the (Caribbean) Netherlands, it is compulsory by law to have a AFM license when offering investments. However, this license is not required when an exemption applies. For example, there is an exemption on investment property over €100.000.

Why do you have the AFM banner?

The homes Second home Bonaire offers as investment property are often exempt from the license requirement as they cost over €100.000. In this case we are obligated by law to show the AFM message in our advertisements.

More information on AFM and the exemption message can be found on the website of AFM.

What is AFM?

AFM is short for: Authority for the Financial Markets. AFM monitors the financial market, this includes, among other things, saving, investing, insurance, and lending. The AFM ensures there is trust in the financial markets and that the market operates in a clear and fair way.