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Second home Bonaire
Invest in holiday home

Investing in a holiday home

  • Apartments at the sea
  • Luxurious resorts
  • Attractive returns

Investing in a holiday accommodation

An increasing number of people consider investing in a holiday accommodation. The low savings interest rates, which can even be negative, make investing in a holiday home more attractive than ever. It is not just the returns of renting out a holiday home that make it an interesting idea. The possibility of spending a holiday at a private second home is many Dutch people's dream as well. Would you like to invest in a holiday accommodation abroad? Read about the investment options at Second home Bonaire here.

Investing in a holiday home by Second home Bonaire

When you want to invest in a holiday home on Bonaire, you've come to the right place at Second home Bonaire. We sell various completely furnished apartments at luxurious resorts near the sea. The apartments are suitable for 2 to 10 persons. Resort Bonaire and Sunset Beach Resort have a stunning location, and offer various facilities. For instance, the resorts have a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a pool bar. Sunset Beach Resort even has its own casino. All facilities at the resort are accessible to both yourself and the guests staying at your holiday accommodation. The resorts are situated at 10 minutes by car from the capital of Kralendijk. When you decide to invest in a holiday accommodation on Bonaire in order to rent it out, you can count on our rental organization. All matters regarding the rent and maintenance are taken care of, while you always stay in control.

Investing in a holiday accommodation on Bonaire

The tropical climate, the azure sea, and the pearly white beaches make Bonaire a popular holiday island, especially among Dutch and American people. The island has every aspect of a perfect holiday destination. And it is exactly that which makes a holiday accommodation on Bonaire a stable investment. The number of tourists received on Bonaire annually is steadily growing, which ensures that the returns on your investment are very attractive. When you choose to invest in a holiday home on Bonaire, you can choose to use your accommodation yourself, rent it out, or a combination of both. When you choose to rent your accommodation out (partially), you can expect our professional rental organization to take care of everything for you.

An overview of Bonaire

  • Pearly white beaches at the Caribbean sea
  • Tropical climate
  • Perfect for sailing, wind surfing, and kite surfing
  • A Valhalla for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts
  • Rich history and culture
  • Diverse cuisine

Sustainable investments

When you are looking for sustainable investments, purchasing a holiday accommodation is one of the most attractive options. As outlined above, Bonaire is a popular holiday destination, and the number of tourists is still growing annually. This makes buying a holiday home on Bonaire a sustainable and stable investment. In case you decide to invest in a sustainable way with Second Home Bonaire, you will have three options:

Buying a holiday home for rental purposes

You will be buying a holiday home to rent it out throughout the year. You will receive an attractive and guaranteed yield.

Buying a holiday home for private use

You will be buying a holiday home for your own recreational use. You will not receive any rental revenues, but you will benefit from the value increase of the real estate.

A combination of rent and private use

you will buy a holiday home and like to use it yourself now and then. During the periods you are not using it yourself, you will rent out the holiday accommodation at a variable rate.

Would you like to invest in a holiday home on Bonaire? Contact us. Our advisers will be happy to tell you more!

Investing in a holiday accommodation abroad

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