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Buying a vacation home abroad

Buying a vacation home abroad

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Buying a vacation home abroad

Buying a vacation home abroad, a dream for many!

Is this also your dream, and do you want to make it come true? That is possible! At Second home Bonaire, you can buy a luxurious and modern vacation home abroad. Where your luxury vacation home is located? You can buy a vacation home on Bonaire at one of our luxury resorts. And what could be better than paradise Bonaire to make your dream come true? With a vacation home abroad, on tropical Bonaire, you have the opportunity to regularly escape the cold and unpredictable weather in The Netherlands. Buying a vacation home abroad is also a stable investment for the future.

Impression of the vacation homes for sale abroad at Second home Bonaire

Vacation homes abroad at Second home Bonaire

Buying an apartment abroad

Second home Bonaire offers you the opportunity to buy a vacation home abroad in the form of a luxurious and stylish apartment. Buying a second home is often a well–considered decision. Buying an apartment abroad at Second home Bonaire is an investment with an attractive return. Moreover, you will experience the advantage of our many years of experience and our own professional rental organization.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in a vacation home abroad at two luxury resorts on Bonaire. Resort Bonaire is a recently completed resort, where you can choose from different types of homes suitable for up to 6 people. The resort has excellent park facilities and is only 10 minutes from Kralendijk. You can also buy a vacation home abroad at our new, yet to be completed Sunset Beach Resort. As the name suggests, this is located on the beach, so you have a breathtaking view from a number of apartments. Here, you can buy an apartment for 2 to a maximum of 10 people.

Your vacation home abroad at Second home Bonaire

Before you invest in real estate abroad, we advise you to think carefully about this and to delve into it. Second home Bonaire will guide and support you with the purchase of a vacation home abroad. You can request our extensive brochure, and our advisors in The Netherlands and on Bonaire are ready to answer your questions. Be informed about the possibilities such as full rental, full personal use, or a combination of rental and personal use. Also inquire about the different returns that these options bring. And take a look at the different types of homes and furniture packages. You can invest without worries at Second home Bonaire!

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