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Second home Bonaire
Buy a summer cottage

Buy a summer cottage

  • Buy a summer home by the sea
  • On several resorts
  • On Bonaire, close to Kralendijk

Buying a summer home on Bonaire

Your own vacation home in a sunny destination? Then buying a summer home on Bonaire is an excellent idea. It is always sunny with tropical temperatures, and the azure blue sea with the snow–white beaches are at your feet. At Second home Bonaire, you can buy a summer home by the sea on this tropical island. We have several resorts with luxury vacation homes at unique locations by the sea, and close to Kralendijk. At Second home Bonaire, there are various options for buying a summer home on Bonaire, whether you want to use it as a second home or rent it out. Discover the possibilities.

Buying a summer home by the sea

Buying a summer home is possible at several resorts at Second home Bonaire. Sunset Beach Resort, a new resort that is still under construction, is located directly on the seafront, and Resort Bonaire is 10 minutes from Kralendijk. You can buy a summer home by the sea for a maximum of 10 people. Your apartment is equipped with every comfort, such as an equipped kitchen, attractive living room, bedroom(s) with comfortable beds, bathroom, and a spacious balcony or terrace with furniture. Moreover, you also make optimal use of the facilities at the resort. Investing in a summer home has never been more attractive.

  • 2- to 6-person apartments
  • 10 minutes from Kralendijk
  • Swimming pool with sandy beach
  • Pool bar and pizzeria
  • Own diving school
  • 2- to 10-person apartments
  • Right on the beach
  • Swimming pool with pool bar
  • Restaurant
  • Casino

Buying a summer home at Second home Bonaire

If you decide to buy a summer home, there is a lot to consider. At Second home Bonaire, we look together at the investment opportunities and then make a desired choice. You can buy a summer home by the sea with different purposes. We will mention them briefly:

➀ Personal use - You can enjoy your vacation in your own vacation home as often and whenever you want. Your summer home is always available, so you can also come here last minute.

➀ Rental - Your vacation home is made available for rental with the help of our professional rental organization. You are guaranteed to receive an attractive return so that you can enjoy your investment carefree.

➀ Combination personal use and rental - Occasionally use your vacation home yourself, and if you do not use it yourself, make it available for rental.

Are you considering buying a summer home on Bonaire, and would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us!

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