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Second home Bonaire
Buying a second home on Bonaire

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  • Buying a second home on Bonaire
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Buying a second home on Bonaire

Have you ever considered buying a second home abroad? Dream away under the radiant sun in a tropical destination? Then, Bonaire is your vacation destination for a second home. At Second home Bonaire, you can buy a second home on Bonaire. We offer luxury vacation homes at several resorts located in unique locations right on the beach, and a short distance from Kralendijk. Buying a second home abroad has many advantages. It provides a stable investment with a guaranteed return, and you enjoy everything the Caribbean island has to offer. Discover the possibilities to invest.

Buy and rent a second home at Bonaire Resorts

If you decide to buy a second home to rent out, there are two options at Bonaire Resorts. You can choose to make the house available throughout the year for rental, for which you will receive a fixed return. Another option is to partially rent out the house, renting out the house for a part of the year and keeping it for your own use the rest of the year. The professional rental organization of Bonaire Resorts ensures that all matters concerning the rental are arranged down to the last detail. The apartments and penthouses of Bonaire Resorts are located in luxury resorts with modern facilities.

Buying a second home at Resort Bonaire

At Second home Bonaire, you can buy a second home as an investment at two luxury resorts. For example, Resort Bonaire offers various types of apartments suitable for a maximum of 6 people. The resort is only 10 minutes from the capital Kralendijk and has a swimming pool with sandy beach, pool bar, pizzeria, and its own diving school where you can take diving lessons.

Buying a second home at Sunset Beach Resort

Buying a second home as an investment abroad is also possible at the new, yet to be completed Sunset Beach Resort with a beautiful location right on the beach. From your second home, you stand with your feet in the sand in no time. The apartments can accommodate up to 10 people. Here, you can also enjoy numerous facilities, such as a swimming pool, pool bar, restaurant, and casino.

Buy a second home as an investment

Would you like to buy a second home to rent out? We understand that all too well. More and more people see buying a second home abroad as a profitable investment. In addition to being able to rent out the second home, you can also choose to buy the second home as an investment. A holiday home on the Antilles is a stable investment due to the Antilles becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination. The nice weather, the Caribbean Sea and colorful cities make Bonaire a popular holiday destination all year round. Are you excited and would you like to know more about the possibilities of buying a second home on Bonaire to rent out, use it yourself or a combination of both? Request a brochure or contact our advisors without any obligation, they will be happy to answer your questions.

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